Training and Facilitation

The TOT (Training of Trainers)  
TAP TOTs are hands-on, active courses.  Each participant from every organization produces one three-day workshop design and one 90 minute session design as well as practices role play, case study, facilitation, demonstration, presentation, flip chart writing and card and chart skills. It is our belief that a good TOT

 for beginning trainers can be no less than ten days in length.  The course provides practice in presentation, facilitation and training design skills as well as training program management.  Participants have to learn each skill, practice it and improve it-within the course, before going out to do training-and they have to do it within their organizational reality.  In other words they practice -during the TOT-what they are responsible for actually doing at worThe Training of Trainers course moves logically from presentations to facilitation to training design, focusing on: training needs assessment, communication skills, feedback, questioning skills, training methodologies; workshop design; session design; managing small groups, group dynamics.   It also introduces the card and chart technique as a visualization tool to be used in a variety of session-from brainstorming through complex matrix analysis.     Participants work in organizational groups and in (training) methods groups.  We provide didactic instruction in the morning and let participants work on their own projects in the afternoons and evenings, while we provide individual consultations. 

The main objective of the workshop is to build training-delivery and design capacity.  Another thing participants do is analyze their own training programs and sessions in terms of coherence, content and structure-and knowledge of training-against our (conceptual framework).   Each does at least two presentations and each organizational team produces at least one draft of a real training design for that organization                                                                                                                       


TAP (Training Associates Pacific, LLC) is a human resource development organization registered in the U.S. in Washington State. TAP associates form a global network of professionals who advise on, design, and facilitate state-of-the-art participatory live- and on-line learning events, customized courses, and training materials in the United States, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.