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Feedback on LEAP from Youth


Olympic College, Bremerton and Shelton WA,  C-SALT  (College Skills and Life Training) program and Community Youth Services, Olympia Washington


What did you learn? What did you like?


Resources, Tips,  Techniques and Strategies

  • Found out the resources to use to get where I want to go
  • Better tips to get to where I want to be
  • Can use these strategies in everyday use.  And can share a lot of information with others.
  • The resources are in me
  • Class was very informative and useful techniques 


  • It gave me a starting point and helped me make a plan to accomplish my goal as well as making deadlines to make myself more responsible.
  • How to get where I wanna (sic)  go career wise
  • Feel like  I have more direction
  • Learning how to get on track
  • I planned out my life/future to be stable! In plain sight!
  • I found that this project gave me great insight as to where I am going  in my life.  All that was found were things that I knew I wanted, but up until this point had been unable to verbalize.  This is one of the best things I have participated in, in recent memory.
  • I learned how to organize my plan of action to getting where I want to go. 

Goals,  Objectives and Steps

  • This workshop helped me look at my future and realize it won’t be so hard if I just take little steps at a time.  It was very fun.
  • To get my priorities started and organize my goals
  • To see where I need to be and what steps to take to get there
  • It put my goals in perspective and made me think of the actual steps I need to take.
  • I like figuring out how to get where I want to go career wise
  • I was able to better figure out where I am going in life
  • It was useful because I set my goals
  • Made me evaluate my goals both personally and professionally.
  • I like the course that we used and helping me out with my goals
  • It breaks my goals down tot feasible things that are reachable and do-able.
  • I liked learning a different way to setting and following goals
  • I liked the breakdown process for better understanding of what I need to do
  • Shows me how I will attain my goals in the future
  • Making one big goal then making smaller goals to go with the big one
  • Puts things in order
  • Putting goals into manageable chunks
  • Making short and long term goals
  • Made me really get a good outline of things I can do and things I need to improve
  • Bringing my reality to the surface helps me to better improve my situation
  • I like watching chaos turn to order and the fact it summed up my main goals
  • Laying out the goals and how to get there.
  • The hard work that it is going to take to achieve my goals.
  • How easy it made planning how to reach my goals.
  • I like how it got me more focaced (sic) on my goals
  • I like that I got the opportunity to write down and see my goals so that they may be reinforced and better understanding how to accomplish them.
  • I learned that I can reach my goals if I tackle them one at a time.
  • I learned my goals aren’t so far out of reach.
  • A personalized plan on how to achieve goals from start to finish.
  • I learned a lot about myself and all the little things that have to be done to reach my future goals.
  • Knowing that others have similar goals.
  • Learning how to plan goals.
  • So far this workshop seems like it makes you aware of what you want, what your goals are, where you are now and where you could be going.
  • I have learned a new step in making decisions and goals about myself.
  • It helped me define more goals; it helped me realize what goals are more important.
  • What was possotive. I loved setting goals.  Helped me reaffirm my objectives.
  • I liked learning new things; liked hearing possibilities;; I can’s; I have the money to…; liked goal setting and seeing what my future wud be like…
  • I now know how many steps it will take to get to my final goal.
  • I liked how I learned how to do positive stepping stones.


  • I liked the use of sticky notes and color
  • The sticky note tree helped me plan my future.  It helped me visualize my future and the steps I need to get there.
  • Easy to see what I need to do.
  • I liked seeing my future in detail
  • Most useful thing was drawing what I want my future to look like
  • I liked the variety of ways to be creating
  • Drawing!
  • The different colors helped keep things separated and colorful
  • Makes you see between the lines
  • The final tree was very helpful
  • I learned how to map out my goals step by step.
  • It allowed me to be creative with my goals and how I plan to reach those goals.

Overall Workshop

  • I really liked the LEAP program.   I learned a lot about plans and how to organize them.
  • This workshop was great.  It allowed me to self reflect on some things in my life that I was unhappy about and how to improve it.  I was able to take responsibility for my present and control of my future.
  • I think that the workshop is perfect and it was taught very well.
  • I really enjoyed the classes and the coach’s great personality.
  • Instructor was very patient
  • I didn’t have any issues with the class.  I liked it.
  • I like this class because it opened my eyes to different things.
  • It made me see that I can be successful and will be.
  • (Liked )Support from staff
  • (Liked) Giving examples and explaining benefits
  • I learned a lot about myself and my future
  • I liked how this program gives you positive insight in your future
  • This was very challenging.  Thank you for inviting us to think differently.
  • I enjoyed the tree and your teaching style.
  • Everything
  • It’s layed back
  • How simple the system is to use
  • I like how we layed (sic) out our plans.  It opens your thoughts out better.
  • I wish I had this for one of my classes.
  • A Fun workshop
  • It was fun learning
  • I was OK.
  • I thought overall it’s very informative and eye opening.
  • LEAP is a great method to structure the thoughts and present in a format.
  • It was a wonderful workshop
  • I thought this class is just excellent.
  • Very helpful info
  • Everything was wonderful.  Thank you very much
  • What was good about this workshop:  It was reaffirming
  • Positive: Clear outline of what I need to do;  group interaction; freedom of expression.
  • Very safe environment.  Supportive instructor; relevant information.  Do-able.  Not too lengthy.
  • I think more people should be in LEAP.
  • I can’t think of any improvements.  The LEAP program is pretty organized.
  • Improve? No suggestions.
  • What can be improved…nothing that I can see….
  • At this moment there is nothing that I would change about this class.  It is great and I would love to see this program more often.


  • Made me feel positive
  • I like the class because  its another way how to give me a good motivation in life.
  • Motivation in life
  • Gives you a positive outlook
  • I liked the info I received and how to change a negative to a positive 

Small Groups

  • Fun innovative way to connect with yourself and others to be able to realize and achieve your goals throughout life.
  • I liked working in groups and getting to know more about each other
  • What I most enjoyed today was the comfort in feeling accepted as part of our group.
  • I learned patience.
  • I liked how active we were.




What didn’t you like?  What could have been improved?


More Time

  • I didn’t think there were any negative parts in the workshop.  I wish we had more time. 
  • More time to do more.
  • Time of this workshop could have been more; and it would be great to have a second follow up session to review and reflect, assess personal weaknesses and strengths.
  • To be improved…more time to learn from you.
  • More time for the class.  Lots of info goes into this.
  • More class time
  • More class time
  • More class time
  • More class time 

Directions, Explanations,  Instructions

  • More time and explanation
  • More time and explanation
  • More time and explanation
  • A better way of giving instructions
  • Picking one personal topic and not many so we can pin point our personal problems
  • Explaining the steps
  • I think that the visual aids that you use should all be readable and they should be from the same person so all the information goes together.
  • I didn’t like  the frustrating part of trying to understand the directions
  • Explained more in detail
  • Better explanation of the final paper
  • Maybe explained simpaler (sic).  But I thought it was well presented.  Thank you.
  • Simple and directions on how to begin
  • Simple more clear instructions with clear examples
  • Only thing that could have been better was perhaps a better set of directions as to what exactly the person is supposed to do.  Although some of the disagreement may be the person doing this putting up some resistance to putting what they are supposed to put down.

Sticky Notes

  • Stickier post its
  • Better Post its
  • Using sticky notes
  • The materials…and I have nothing I don’t like about it.
  • Could use more/bigger visual aids and post its
  • No negative, all pretty good
  • Maybe bigger post its
  • Stickier post its
  • Bigger post its.
  • No smelly childish markers and glue sticks.
  • Bigger post its.
  • Bigger post its.
  • Bigger post its.
  • Bigger post its.
  • Bigger post its.
  • Projector slides could have been bigger.

All Ten Steps

  • Would like to learn all 10 steps.
  • Doing all 10 steps would be nice.
  • Learn all 10 steps.  More time.  


  • Improve?  Bring snacks? 
  • Could be improved by bringing donuts.


  • I didn’t really like this way of thinking.
  • Thinking too much gives me headaches.
  • More one on one and make more things priviet (sic)
  • I’m good, I just wish you were here earlier in the quarter so it didn’t feel like a bit of a review
  • What could have been improved about it…gone slowly go people could understand better and keep up.
  • Possibly the sequence or too many self “category” listings
  • Less telling out loud
  • Didn’t like the group
  • We should all be facing you so we don’t have to turn to hear you
  • It was kinda hard for me


  • Take more time on drawing the future and present pictures.
  • Spent a lot of time in between steps.
  • Make sure everyone has completed one task before starting another




LEAP Program at Olympic College Comments: 
  •  I really liked the “LEAP’ program because I learned a lot about plans and how to organize them.
  •  I now know how many steps it will take to get to my goals. 
  •  I liked how I learned how to do positive stepping stones.  
  • The sticky note tree helped me plan my future. 
  •  It helped me visualize my future and the steps I need to get there.  
  • Fun, innovative way to connect with yourself and others to be able to realize and achieve your goals throughout life

LEAP Program at the RETSIL Facility for Homeless Veterans Comments : 

  • Great Job.  Outstanding class.
  • Was a good educational experience.
  • Gave light to the steps needed to achieve success.
  • Thank you for your time to set goals for achieving our life goals.
  • It was informing and education(al)
  • Thank  you
  • Thanks for helping me find  direction to move in  to move forward with my plans to become more independent.
  • I feel better informed on focusing on my goals.
  • Pretty well put together with good organization and presentation.

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