LEAP Case Stories

Case #7

CN was a 45 year old European businessman who had been quite successful in a highly competitive business. He and his partner had ended a long-term relationship on a friendly basis. They had never married and never had children, although he was actively involved in raising her son and daughter. Over the several years before their breakup he had begun to explore Eastern philosophy, had become a vegetarian and saw meditation and Buddhist principles not only as a way to simplify his life, but as the true path to spiritual peace and fulfillment. He began to see his business and the red tape and expense of living his life in Europe as insignificant, pointless and non-fulfilling. After selling his business he took a trip to the far east to visit India, Thailand, Vietnam and there he found peace and tranquility. So, when he returned to Europe it was with the desire to figure out a way to extricate himself from most of his possessions, while coming up a way to generate enough income to sustain himself. His desire was to live in the Far East for part of the year and live in Europe for the other part of the year and thus maintain homes on both continents.

In the first six months after completing his LOOP, he has: (1) been again to the Far East; (2) has identified a product he has begun to import; (3)begun the process of selling one home in Europe; (4) received the permits to start on a renovation project; (5) identified a piece of land on which to build a home near the ocean in an Asian country; and (6) identified a resort near the beach in this foreign land to lease as his own business. He was energetic and enthusiastic.  After four years he has reached his goal and now lives full time in the Far East.  He is married, owns land in South East Asia, is building a resort, and has sold his renovated home and European antiques to finance his dream.  Over the four years, he and his wife traveled back and forth from Europe and Asia to renovate the house.  Finally his hard work paid off!

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