LEAP Case Stories

Case #5

MU's husband had just retired and she wanted to spend more time with him. Although engaged in the journalism work she loved, her current place of employment was not at all satisfactory, and gave her very little time off. A good citizen to the core, MU had been a community activist all her life. She had raised her children, been involved as a school board member, in her church, local politics and clubs. MU was at a transition point in her life. She did not relish a future without writing or income, but would need to leave her job. It was time for new priorities. When she completed her objective tree, it had three root systems which, when realized, would provide her with a more meaningful, balanced life. They were writing, spirituality and family. She made short work of her TO DO list. MU quit her job and immediately began to do freelance writing, and for good pay, thanks to the connections she had made in journalism.

I'm not earning as much as when I worked full time, says MU, but I love the freedom to determine my own work load, based on what activities I'm involved in at the time. I feel like I'm in charge of my life now, instead of everyone else. In the two and a half years since her LOOP workshop MU has been free to travel with her husband, has joined a daily online Bible study group, while remaining active in her church. She continues to be  employed as a campaign manager with the same successful candidate. She is still engaged in community service, but to a lesser degree. Looking at her own priorities, she has learned when to say no to maintain the balance she had sought. She has expanded her journalistic scope to a number of publications, including those of her faith. "Life isn't always as balanced as I like, she concludes, but I do aim at being in charge and keeping my activities predominantly in my goal areas. "

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