LEAP Case Stories

Case #3

CC, a woman in her mid thirties, was pursuing a career in international training. She was living in Europe, working as a consultant and working on her advanced degree. She was interested in LOOP both as a methodology and as a way to steer herself through the difficult and demanding labyrinth of work and study and host country challenges. Her overall goal was to be emotionally, intellectually fulfilled and financially stable. Her four main objectives specified owning her own home in northern Europe, being supported by a thriving business, being recognized in her field, and being in a fulfilling relationship.

Sub objectives of the main thriving business objective, specified: (1) having her advanced degree; and (2) marketing herself successfully in the European setting. One year later CC, who was at a standstill vis a vis her courses, is hard at work completing them and is studying hard at the moment as she wants to finish the degree by the end of the year. She has "stopped making excuses and is just going to work"...one assignment after the other. She spends the rest of her time making enough money to live and her workflow is actually going better this year than last. And as a result she states she is under much less stress! Most recently she has moved from southern to Northern Europe and has begun teaching and holding courses in prestigeous schools.  She states, that even though she ha

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