LEAP Personal Planning

LEAP Personal Planning

LEAP is a step-by-step, personalized, analytical planning process in which you plan the future you want. The acronym LEAP stands for “Life Experience Action Planning.” The words were chosen carefully to mean that you take your own life experiences—your skills, interests, friends, family, profession, schooling—and use them to make an action plan to move forward. You proceed through a series of Steps in which you examine the realities of your situation, ask yourself what you really want out of life, create a path to get there—and feel motivated to get going!

When you have completed your plan, you have a series of charts and pictures which illustrate your own personal plan. LEAP workshops come in many forms, depending on your needs—small groups or large groups, open or closed, two-day or one day. You can focus on one area of your life—such as your career—or cover the gamut from personal to professional. The LEAP method draws on the knowledge, ideas and experience contributed by the people involved in the plan— from the individual—to the couple, or family, or partners involved.   The Steps are: Appreciating Achievements; Picturing the Situation; Facing Facts and Problems; Developing Objectives; Making Choices; Tracking Tasks; Identifying Partners; Charting a Personal Plan; Putting First Things First; and Saying Connected.

Life Experience Action Planning (LEAP) is based on the ZOPP method. ZOPP itself emerged from a concept called the "logical framework" originally developed in the. The logical framework (which is now LEAP Step #8) was introduced in technical cooperation projects supported by the Federal Republic of Germany through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) in 1983.    


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