One of the wonderful things about doing a LEAP is that coaches always learn so much from clients. The on-line experience is no exception. First of all, because the client agreed,  I did not mail the materials, and she was happy to create her own...although she had some trouble finding post-it notes in her country! She used large pieces of drawing paper on which to create her charts, and construction paper from which to cut out ovals and circles. Given the materials requirements she was happy to be inventive!

We do on-line LEAPs using our Moodle platform, supplemented with skype face to face sessions which last from 30 to 60 minutes, in between which the client works on his/her own. During the long session we had in which we analyzed Step #5, the objective tree, the client was discussing various associates and friends who could contribute to her plan. They were not all close friends, in fact most of them were acquaintances, but each of them had expertise and advice she was seeking. All of a sudden, in viewing her personal plan as a project plan, I thought--projects have advisory groups. Her project--herself and her future--could also have an advisory group!  And the idea of the Personal Advisory Group was born!  We played with the idea and it resonated with her view of their role.  Then, in Step #6, "My Personal Advisory Group is Formed" became one of her priority objectives. Such a good idea.