Beginning with the failure of spring rains in 2016, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan began to spiral into a significant drought.  I was asked to go to Ethiopia in mid-February this year.  Part of my task was to facilitate a team assessment of a drought stricken area covering two districts in Easter Ethiopia, in which SOS CVI had begun a water trucking project in December, 2016.  Thirteen villages in these two neighboring districts (Gode and Kalefo) were the subject of our assessment.   The flight out from Addis was interesting for the overview it provided of the drought affected areas in or flight path.  The most remarkable feature of the terrain for much of the distance we covered was how rugged it was.  Very steep walled ravines cutting down through the earth into jagged river valleys.  Early on, the creeks and rivers reflected the hot sun’s rays.  Not far out from...
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  SOS Children’s Villages International is a global organization launched in 1949 by an Austrian named Hermann Gmeiner.  The organization has established operations in 140 countries.  What they do is go into a new country, meet with government officials, obtain approval to operate, find a plot of land in an appropriate location, assure access and a sustainable water supply, build substantial homes, hire and train staff and take in orphans.  Children can become part of the program from age three months and older.  Children live with a surrogate mother, go to either a local school or to a school inside the SOS compound, then to a local high school.  They reside in the village until they are 18 and then can move into a city or town nearby where SOS operates youth hostels for boys and girls.  The can pursue and apprenticeship, a vocational training center or a university.  SOS continues...
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In late January, in Montreal for OCHA (the UN Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) DH facilitated an international Bio-safety Clearing House (BCH) Training or Trainers Workshop during which preparations were finalized for the Global Bio-safety Project ll.  He had this to say about the workshop.   “I began working with the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) in 2002 to prepare for the initial 5 year project.  The international organizing conference was followed by two Training of Trainers Workshops, one held in India and the other in Kuala Lampur.  W’hat the project was/is trying to do is truly important.  Essentially it works with countries around the planet to identify, compile data on, track cross border movement of and monitor GMOs -- Environmentalists work together with Information Technology personnel to build government management and monitoring capacity as well as public awareness, public education and public policy linked to GMOs.     In 2008, the...
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TAP (Training Associates Pacific, LLC) is a human resource development organization registered in the U.S. in Washington State. TAP associates form a global network of professionals who advise on, design, and facilitate state-of-the-art participatory live- and on-line learning events, customized courses, and training materials in the United States, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.