Marcia Hamilton

Marcia Hamilton  is the  international management consultant and coach who developed LEAP as a personal planning  tool.  Over the last 25 years, as a GTZ-certified ZOPP moderator, strategic planner, organizational developer and director, MH has created and enhanced organizations and departments with a focus on personal and organizational learning and development.  She has also created, organized, managed, conducted  and evaluated  workshops and projects and written, edited, supervised and produced learning materials--in strategic planning, gender, adjustment counseling, personal planning, diversity, cross-culture, computer technology--in the US, Asia, Africa and Europe.   (Certified PCM/ZOPP Moderator 1992:  BA Psychology, George Washington University 1967; Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio 1960-1961)

Dennis Hamilton

Dennis Hamilton is an international human resource development consultant whose experience spans more than 40 years.   He was the Senior Advisor to the Emergency Group at CARE USA; a partner in the AMI Management Institute, a Swiss/German Training Company specializing in ZOPP; Programme Officer for UN Agency Coordination at the ILO Training Center (BIT) in Turin Italy; a Planner/Programmer for the UNDP (United Nations Development Program ) Development Training and Communication Planning in Manila Philippines (UNDP/DTCP); the  Managing Director of Training Associates, Co. Ltd (a Thai-owned training company involved in marketing, creating, designing, presenting, and assessing training programs for national and international development agencies, NGOs university students, mental health professionals, teachers, agriculturists, counselors and community action groups); and  the Peace Corps Training Officer in Thailand.  Certified PCM/ZOPP Moderator, 1988; M.S. Counseling Psychology at West Chester State University, West Chester Pennsylvania 1977. Bachelor of History: Central Washington University, 1970. Download Dennis Hamilton's Resume

TAP (Training Associates Pacific, LLC) is a human resource development organization registered in the U.S. in Washington State. TAP associates form a global network of professionals who advise on, design, and facilitate state-of-the-art participatory live- and on-line learning events, customized courses, and training materials in the United States, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.