Nancy Hopkins


Nancy Hopkins, MSW, MBA  is an experienced innovative Social Development Executive. She has proven expertise in program design and management, team building, and successful grant writing. Skilled in mentoring and managing using training, delegation and facilitation skills. An excellent communicator, including cross-cultural communications acquired experientially while living in Southeast Asia: Hong Kong and the Philippines. Able to develop and maintain strong Introduced Life Experience Action Planning (LEAP) to Chicago Area. Adapted training materials for introductory workshop sessions (IETC & College of DuPage).Provided trainer support, venue selection, and materials preparation in close coordination with LEAP founder.



TAP (Training Associates Pacific, LLC) is a human resource development organization registered in the U.S. in Washington State. TAP associates form a global network of professionals who advise on, design, and facilitate state-of-the-art participatory live- and on-line learning events, customized courses, and training materials in the United States, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.