LEAP Case Stories

Case #6

QJ was a 46- year-old American man working as a successful counselor for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. He was managing two rural offices for the counseling center for which he worked, and this involved a considerable commute between his old center and the one he had started up recently. Because he was committed to providing the same level of service to the newly opened office, it was soon overflowing, his caseload was overloaded and his calendar was brimming with professional commitments. Often his work involved evenings, late nights, and long drives home. He had experienced several tragedies in his family in the previous year and found himself reclusive and increasingly less social.

His first report on his progress came eighteen months since his LOOP. One of his objectives was to be happier and less stressed and he seems to have accomplished this.  Since the workshop he says he is indeed happier and calmer.  He: (1) is better at accepting what he cannot change; (2) set some boundaries at work with regard to workload which have been respected; (3) changed his medication; (4) refinanced, rather than sold his house to pay some bills and give him some liquidity; (6) has been improving his life in small ways - projects, and is happy for small successes; (7) has been getting into the big city for workshops which provided great intellectual stimulation and increased social contact; (8) has increased contact with old friends and is cutting to 80% workload to free up some evenings for more social stimulation, outreach and time to play.

He had planned a vacation in Florida but after 911 - decided to stick closer to home. He also realized that that people come to vacation where he lives and that he needs to look at what's around him. In general, he is being patient about selling his house, is more accepting of what is and is exploring his potential through a series of courses involving love, capability and positive discipline.

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