LEAP Case Stories

Case #4

KU is a woman who looks 15 years younger than her birth certificate shows. She is elegant and fastidious in her dress, manner and style. She has worked at high levels in administrative jobs all of her life, using her truly bi-lingual talents and organizational skills. Her sons are grown and her husband, a professor, is about to retire. When asked to write her achievements over the last two years, she finally did so, and they were considerable. She sets high standards for herself and attains them! During the LOOP exercise, she decided that she had three main objectives(1) to live the rest of her life without migraines; (2) to become a grandmother; and (3) to agree on a place to retire with her husband. Involved in the LOOP exercise, she eliminated activities over which she had no control and so eliminated the "Nomore headaches" objective and the grandmother objective and decided to concentrate on the Retirement home objective. 

Amazingly, however, within the next two weeks, her doctor gave her a new drug, and the headaches which had been plaguing her since she was 13 disappeared.  Also,  her son announced that he and his wife were expecting! On her sixtieth birthday she spent the day looking at her LOOP chart in amazement.I Now that it has been fice years, she has not had one headache, she is the grandmother of two, she is working a 60% week, and the retirement home hunt is progressing, notwistanding her husband's illness.

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