LEAP Case Stories

Case #2

DL wanted to divorce her husband of 20 years and leave him in his country and return with her four children home to the US. Our workshop with her took place almost fifteen years ago.It took her a year before she was able to separate from her husband, but she did so, moving into an apartment of her own. She involved the children in the process. When she moved out, they spent time with both parents, and after a four-year period, she was able to move to the US, get a job, find a home and bring them over. It was not easy. From an educational perspective, her children were not challenged in US schools.

The eldest son returned overseas to complete college. The others took time adjusting to life here. However, six years after her arrival in the US, it could be said that all of her children (then young adults) are doing well academically and emotionally. And finally, after two rented homes and several jobs, DL was successful in her own terms. She had savings, a fulfilling job, her own condo and a soul mate of a partner with whom she looks forward to spending the rest of her life.  Most recently, we have discovered that DL and her mate were married two years ago, one daughter graduated from college and got a good job, the other is working and planning to go to graduate school and the other son returned to his country to continue his educcation.

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