LEAP Case Stories

Case #1

DS and ES came to the first U.S. LOOP couples' workshop in 1997.They characterized their situation as unhappy, uncertain and fearful, capturing their core problem as "we are not having fun." They stated that not only was their work not meaningful, but it did not reflect their values and personal beliefs. The husband's life was over-focused on his work, the wife was impatient to manifest what she already knew, to express herself poetically, they were not aligned as a team, they were distrustful and feared being hurt physically, emotionally and financially. The purpose of their personal plan was to experience more joy and exhilaration in their lives. To get to this point however, they decided they had to achieve three key objectives: they wanted to (1) become aligned as a functional partnership; (2) identify their right livelihood; and (3) create work that reflected their values and beliefsone that sustained their lifestyle. And it is exciting to report that, almost ten years later, they more than achieved what they set out to do.

DS, the wife, also did an individual LOOP workshop to specifically address her own work and focus her direction. She is now a performance artist with a show she can (and does) take on the road. Her work is highly regarded and her performances sought after. Her poetry portfolio continues to expand as she adds new perspective. Since her work is not location specific, she has joined her husband in a sunny State on the west coast, because ES now has his own, highly successful business. He left the job he did not enjoy, helped start a chain of businesses with another employer and then took a leap of faith and bought his own business--a business which reflected his values. He has slimmed down (one of his objectives), exercises, and has indeed gained greater power/control over the factors that relate to work. His business is flourishing. Her work is flourishing. There is trust, joy and reduced financial anxiety in their lives. They have created work that reflects their values and beliefs and sustains their lifestyle. And in their own works, they are pursuing activities that lead to trust in the natural rhythm of life.


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