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...A Note from Denny Hamilton In Vientiane in October 2013 I had the good fortune to work with an extraordinary co-facilitator, Hèléne Diribarne-Somers, who is a civil court judge in Pau, France.  We were both working with a French NGO called Avocats sans Frontieres (ASF) e.g. Lawyers without Borders and the Lao Bar Association--to  conduct  a “Training of Trainers” course.  Beginning in the second week of November and continuing for three weeks, the eight Laotian lawyers (six men and two women) for whom we conducted a Training of Trainers, were to conduct  three courses to prospective new lawyers in Laos.  They worked with six different French lawyers from ASF and were to used training skills gained through practice in our course.  We focused first on giving and receiving interpersonal feedback, which I knew from years in Thailand was not a cultural norm, but which is essential for improving as a trainer. Then we worked on presentations, designing and conducting role...
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After almost a year's hiatus from our work in training and facilitation (while Denny was running for county commissioner in Mason  County and I was his campaign manager)  we are geared up and working again.    Denny is in Naivasha in the Masai Mara in Kenya doing an Africa region workshop for the UN's OCHA (Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).  He was delighted to be asked to facilitate this workshop and to participate in a review of "Lessons Learned" and "Best Practices."  He had worked on its course development and field testing four years ago and had organized and facilitated its TOT (training of trainers) course.   Denny was also  quite  interested in finding out how and if the course had changed and was looking forward to working with some old friends and colleagues and to meeting and working with the new faces on the team....
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In May, 2008, Denny began work with the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance on a three part capacity building program for humanitarian field personnel.  The first element is distance learning, which involves reading 6 chapters related to humanitarian emergencies, which were written for this program.  The chapters are: Humanitarian Coordination, Information Management, Protection,  Preparedness and Strategic Planning, Advocacy, and Humanitarian Funding.   In the initial roll out of the course, 85 people signed up to participate.  Every two weeks, they each completed a chapter and an exercise at the conclusion.  These exercises were submitted to the course managers, reviewed and received a response. Following the successful conclusion of the distance learning component (Phase 1) the participants were invited to and attended a face-to-face training workshop.  In the first year, one was held in Geneva, a second in Mombasa, Kenya and the third in Bangkok.  These workshops focus  on developing and enhancing competencies required for effective performance in humanitarian...
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